Christmas Shopping List (U.K. Edition)

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The easiest to use and most comprehensive Christmas shopping list on the App Store.

All the tools you’ll need to make Christmas shopping fun, easy, and quick.

(Please note, after Christmas we will send an update out which will change the icon and name so it is themed for any occasion, not just Christmas.)


+Gift prices and budgets are done with Pound currency

+Easily manage a list of people you are shopping for and put a check mark beside there name when you have finished shopping for them.

+Group the people you are shopping for into different categories for easy management

+As you add Gifts to a person, your budget totals will let you know how much money you have left.

+Each gift has a check box to let you easily see if the gift is pending or purchased

+Optional password for extra security

+Ability to use your iPhones Library Photos as a thumbnail picture beside your gift

+Customize your App’s background with 10 unique wallpapers (different holiday themes, colours, etc)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!